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Audi 6 sppedAudi 6 sppedAudi 6 spped


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At present we are currently using the well-known Renault 21 transaxle mated to our own custom built aluminium bellhousing. For us, the Renault unit has proven to be reliable, cost-effective and obtainable. There have been some doubts over the power capability of the unit when fitted to the Rover V8 but we have found that most of the problems seen elsewhere result from the poor design of the bellhousing used, giving an out of alignment input shaft which admittedly can give an early faliure to the gearbox bearings. However, to date Parallel Designs have not had a gearbox faliure although we have only ever used our own bellhousing.

Due to us pushing the engine design of the Torero further and using the BMW 5 litre V12 we are now using an alternative gearbox. We are currently switching over to the Audi 6-speed transaxle as fitted to the Audi A6 . Although much more expensive and harder to obtain than the Renault item, this gearbox will sustain high torque for long periods of time and is the only option for power outputs in excess of 400bhp if a customer is likely to be driving 'with enthusiasm'...


Also our Gearchange Remote kit for the Gearboxes

Renault gearshift gearlinkage brackets


gate 2

Gearchange gate for 6-speed

6-speed gate

We also offer, again made specifically for us, various clutch kits depending on the power handling required of them. Three types are available: up to 200bhp (for standard engines up to 3.9 litre injection), up to 300bhp (for modified engines up to 4.6 litre) and up to 400bhp (for modified engines of 4.6 litre and higher. This current range is applicable to the Renault transaxle and so when the development of the Porsche G50 is finalised we will be offering clutch solutions which are not only rated at higher horsepower levels but are specific to the different input shaft size as well.

We will be happy to discuss which gearbox and clutch option is best for you, and can supply either new or second-hand gearboxes if required.