General pictures

The basis for the Parallel Designs Miura is a semi-spaceframe structure constructed from 16 gauge mild steel square tube of varying dimensions. It is MIG welded by professional welders on high precision jigs thus ensuring quality and accuracy. It features a central backbone which gives excellent strength and rigidity with the floor and bulkheads welded in to complete the structure. The suspension, seatbelt, seat and door hinge mounts are all welded in place, as to comply with the Single Vehicle Approval (S.V.A). All the suspension wishbone arms are made from 20/25 mm CDS tube and are TIG welded thus giving incredible strength . The wishbones are metallastic bushed inboard and outboard which gives a production like feel to the ride and handling of the finished car. The rear uprights are specifically made for the Miura using cast aluminium. The whole chassis is powder coated to ensure longevity, and zinc plated nuts and bolts are used throughout.