The Parallel Designs Miura cooling system is extensive. Many Lamborghini replicas have suffered from cooling problems in the past due to various reasons. Primarily it was not being able to understand just how much heat was produced by the engines in a confined, rear mounted environment. Add to this a poorly designed coolant sytem (often taken from 'donor' cars) with inferior radiators and in-efficient routing and you will eventually come accross severe overheating problems, especially on a hot day. With that in mind, we decided to go all-out on the development of our system which involved starting from scratch. Every part outside of the engine has been designed and built by us to maintain a safe temperature, no matter what situation the car is in. This includes being sat at idle for hours on end with ambients of more than 30 degrees celcius. Our radiators are brass in construction due to the superior thermal efficiency and each uses it's own thermal fan switch and fan. Water is taken into and out of the engine via our aluminium cooling pipe kit which uses 4-ply silicone joiners for reliability. In general running, the set-up is so efficient that it is rare to see even one fan switched on. In extreme circumstances both will switch but we have yet to see water temperatures become excessive.

In addition to the comprehensive cooling system we will also equipped every car with a 13-row oil cooler. Again, the rear mounted layout of the engine can give rise to overly high oil temperatures if used hard without a cooler and thus our kit keeps this unwanted risk in check.




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